WCBS Small Business Breakfast: Data is the Name of the Game

WCBS Small Business Breakfast: Data is the Name of the Game

WCBS Small Business Breakfast

Joe Connolly moderated another great WCBS Small Business Breakfast event on Long Island. The topic was social media and the panelists did a great job discussing its many aspects, including data. (Can you feel my excitement?!)

A Room Full of Small Businesses

The attendee questions, masterfully managed by Joe Connolly, addressed a multitude of social media aspects, and many of the questions came back to data; who is your audience, the ratio of good to bad reviews, and results from testing.

When the topic of influencer marketing came up the conversation really got interesting, as the panelists agreed that influence comes in many sizes, and bigger isn’t always better. I was introduced to the term “micro-influencer” as was most of the audience, and especially Joe Connelly. He made a point¬†of reiterating that influencers with smaller followings can be equally as impactful as those with larger followings, depending on your goals.

Data-driven decisions and strategies win the day, especially on social media where everything is measurable.

WCBS Small Business Breakfast Panel Shines!

Courtney Spritzer, from Socialfly, talked about how Facebook is pay-to-play for businesses. Posts are literally unseen unless they are boosted, and the options on Facebook allow you to fine tune the audience you want to reach. By selecting the demographics, such as gender, location, and interests Facebook shows your message to the people you want to reach. Data is the driver!

Darnell Holloway, from Yelp, discussed the many ways Yelp can help a business grow, and encouraged everyone to manage their profiles. One of his stories involved a customer who starts every day by reading their Yelp reviews; not to gloat about the good reviews but to learn from the bad ones. With daily tracking, they were also able to spot trends, which trickled down to specific locations, and potentially, specific employees. Sounds like data to me!

Sal Dibenedetto, from Grubfather Inc., shared great information and advice on how to successfully leverage Instagram to grow your business. In addition to creative, clever, and unique images that help set your Instagram profile apart from your competitors’, he couldn’t stress enough the importance of hashtags. Hashtags are the keys to getting your account found, and the more specific the better. Joe Connelly chimed in again on the power of attracting a smaller group of interested followers. This is great data.

Lastly, and you can guess why he was my favorite, Dan Pratt, from Ad Hawk, is a former Google employee whose company focuses on online advertising. Dan was all about the data! Joe Connolly dove right in with, “How do I get to be number one on Google?” and Dan came right back with, “Sometimes is good to be number two.” He went on to explain that analysis of keywords and bid prices can quickly result in substantial savings¬†for your advertising budget while still keeping your business in the top section of Google’s search results. Data, data, data.

Keep It Coming!

The WCBS Small Business Breakfast this morning was a really great event, with intelligent and knowledgeable professionals on the panel, and a moderator that is second to none. There’s always something to learn, and even though I’ve been working with social media for almost 10 years and data event longer, I walked away with a few new nuggets of knowledge!


The Data Chick