Tech Training Redefined

Tech Training Redefined

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Stop training your employees and start training your apps!

Businesses spend thousands of dollars every year on applications – new installations as well as upgrades – in an effort to supply tools that help employees get their work done. Is this what happens in your office?

When was the last time you checked to see how your employees were using these apps? Which ones do they use the most, and how well are the apps working for them? The answers will show you how well you are employing your technology, not which employees need more training.

Most, if not all applications have built-in tools and functionality that allow customization as well as set up to redundant task automation. The apps your company uses every day can and should be working much harder than they are.

Here are just a few examples

  • Dashboards that deliver the most important information at-a-glance.
  • Fields that auto-fill based on information entered in related fields.
  • Email rules that sort incoming email into appropriate folders, allowing you to read the most important ones first.
  • Templates that include the majority of the text you need them to, so they require only minor changes to complete.
  • Macros that fill in data, run calculations, and even clean-up and reformate information that gets pasted in from another source.
  • Email notifications and reminders that keep everyone informed of important information or events.

Most of these items can be created quickly using menu features and functionality.

The applications your company uses need to work the way your employees work. When apps are more intuitive employees are more willing to use them, resulting in increased efficiency and less stress.

Next time you hear one of your employees complaining about the system, consider that it may be the applications that need to be trained, not the employee.