The Data Chick Services

Growth requires change. We can help.

Consulting Services

Spending time managing your systems could be holding you back from the business growth you seek! Let us take a look at how your data and how your systems work today so we can advise you on changes that will increase efficiency. Changes can be as simple as new fields, reports, and dashboards to improvements in your processes and workflows. We’ll also automate some of those pesky repetitive administrative tasks.

Growth happens when you focus on it, with functional systems, accurate information, and data-driven decisions. Your time and talents need to be optimized to be successful, so let us review your operations and make sure the foundation of your business is strong as you continue to build it!

Implementation Services

Knowing what to change and actually making the change are two different things. We’ll work with you and your staff to implement new the processes, systems, and data analytics you need to support growth. Our discovery phase is all about listening to you and learning how your business works. Most of our clients need only a few modifications to get them on the track for growth. Too many changes can end in one step forward, and two steps back. 

Growth is a team effort! We involve as many people from your organization as possible to understand the “why” of the changes before we even start the implementations. Buy-in and adoption is crucial for success, so we make sure everyone across the organization is on-board as we set sail for the next level!

Project Management Services

Your marketing and sales teams are the face of your business and carry a heavy load during growth. Here’s where clean and accurate data makes all the difference. Metrics and KPIs enable you to understand what’s working and what’s not so you can quickly change course. Flexible plans run better when there’s someone watching over them. We’ve managed teams and projects; development and implementation of customer relationship management (CRM) systems, training and customization of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, execution and measurement of marketing strategies, and the promotion and production of business events.

Hire us for one or all three of these services!

It’s a natural progression from consulting to implementation to project management, and we’re excited to help your business grow at any or all of these stages.

Our pricing is project-based, and we include details, timelines, milestones, accountability, and of course, confidentiality in all our proposals.

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