Rescue Your Prospects from Their Customer Journey

What is a customer journey? Just thinking about it makes me feel tired. Really. Try it. Close your eyes and think about the word “journey”. What comes to mind?

Is this a customer journey?

How about this?

customer journey

And what about…”to journey where no man has gone before!”

Now THAT’s a journey.

Chances are the customer journey starts here…

…or here!

Journeys are uncertain.

Customers are prompted by something – a need, a wish, curiosity, an emergency, someone nagging them, etc. – and off they go, into the abyss of the journey, not knowing where it will lead them.

So lead them! Rescue them from the journey by paving an enjoyable and simple path. A path. Let’s think about that for a second. Really. Close your eyes and think about the word “path”. What do you see?

Is this a path?

How about this?

How do these compare with a journey? Paths have clarity.

Guide your prospects through your path directly to becoming customers. How? By keeping them in mind throughout the whole trip. Marketing and sales need to take a page from customer success and listen more than they talk. Meet the potential customer at every step with guidance and useful advice to further them through the path.

Entering the Path

Marketing messages need to get the potential customer’s attention so they will leave their journey and welcome your path, regardless of how long they have been on their journey. Talk about them, their needs, their picture of success, and show them that “you have their back!” It’s time to build trust and engage in conversation. Then gently usher them through the path to the sales team.

Traveling the Path

Sales messages need to continue the conversation so there is no deviation from the path. It’s a straight line from the potential customer’s first step to their last, and they need to feel that. The continuation of the path and the experience are what maintains their trust and builds their knowledge of the product or service they are looking for. It’s time for more detailed conversations to learn more about them.

Being One with the Path

On-boarding a new customer continues the conversation so that all needs are uncovered and the best solutions are presented. They are in safe hands having almost floated through the path, and ready to buy. The money is on the table, the mouse is on the “Buy Now” button, and they are feeling great about the decision to move forward.

Never Looking Back Down the Path

Customer success gently embraces them as customers and stays true to the path because they have always listened first and solved second. It’s a great experience for the customer who was able to shed the burden of the journey for the ride through the path.

Make sure you walk your path!


The Data Chick


Originally published on LinkedIn
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