There is information in this world that we will never fully understand.
Clients want answers.
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My Data Stories!

data is power - The Data Chick

Data Is More Than a Four-Letter Word

Information, in many forms, is the key to making any decision, business or otherwise. As information is collected and analyzed, it magically transforms into data, a name that immediately invokes confusion, angst, and resistance.


CRM User Responsibility The Data Chick

Database Users Have One Responsibility; Use the Database

Database users are the people in your organization who have access to your data. Depending on the size your business and the industry you’re in, the number of users can range from a select few to every employee.


E-commerce trends

E-commerce Trends: Happy Holidata!

E-commerce businesses gather a great deal of data during the holidays as online shopping revenues have been increasing for the past 10 years! January brings the end of the shopping frenzy and the beginning of the analysis.


entering accurate data

Accurate Data is Important; Now More than Ever!

Accurate data is at the core of every successful business decision. Data analysis exists on many levels in all types of businesses, and if the data isn’t accurate, then neither are the conclusions. So how can you ensure that the reports you receive are based on accurate data?


sales stats for profits

Uncovering Unique Sales Stats Leads to Greater Profits

“Wow! How did you do that?”  This is one of my favorite client quotes about sales stats and it happened only 5 minutes into our meeting.


accounting data

Accounting Data Reveals New Opportunities

When it comes to sales you always hear that it is less expensive to sell to your existing clients than to obtain new ones. As easy as that sounds, you need insight into your clients’ behaviors to uncover opportunities for repeat business.


WCBS Small Business Breakfast

WCBS Small Business Breakfast: Data is the Name of the Game

Joe Connolly moderated another great WCBS Small Business Breakfast event on Long Island. The topic was social media and the panelists did a great job discussing its many aspects, including data. (Can you feel my excitement?!)


The Data Chick Customer Journey

Rescue Your Prospects from Their Customer Journey

What is a customer journey? Just thinking about it makes me feel tired. Really. Try it. Close your eyes and think about the word “journey”. What comes to mind?



CRM Customization Should Simplify, Not Complicate

Most CRM systems today are very usable right out of the box. They’ve been designed based on best practices and years of customer feedback. However, no two businesses run the same way, so optimization requires CRM customization.