Data Is More Than a Four-Letter Word

Data = Information
Information = Knowledge
Knowledge = Power

As The Data Chick, all my engagements start with the people at my clients’ organizations. Conversations that reveal important information about how their businesses run and how they’d like their businesses to run. People offer information a.k.a. data, that I use to create processes and systems that support growth.

What’s in a Name?

Information, in many forms, is the key to making any decision, business or otherwise. As information is collected and analyzed, it magically transforms into data, a name that immediately invokes confusion, angst, and resistance.

When I’m networking and introduce myself as The Data Chick I usually get a chuckle, and then people ask what that means. Over the past year, I’ve learned not to use the word “data” in my explanation. I’ve also learned that I need to use words like “analysis” and “systems” either in context or with a definition. Information a.k.a. data is part of almost every minute of our lives, yet when we give it a name, I find that walls go up.

The More You Know…

I started this article with some equations that when brought to their final conclusion, tell us that Data = Power, and it does. NBCUniversal realized the power of information a.k.a. data in their 25-year “The More You Know”  campaign. These 15-second spots are powerful because they deliver data a.k.a. information and suggest action.

This morning I had the power to take action and arrive at my client faster based on data a.k.a information. While driving on the Long Island Expressway, I heard on the radio that there was an accident in the left lane several exits ahead of me, and I used that data to immediately move into the right lane.

Why? Because I had gained knowledge from previous similar information that all the people in the left lane would need to merge to get around the accident, backing up both the left and center lanes. I was correct. From the point at which I changed lanes until I passed the accident, the right lane traveled faster than the other lanes.

I have a traffic condition database in my head as a result of many years of driving. This collective data a.k.a. information has built knowledge that I can tap into, giving me the power to make decisions.

Analysis Turns Data into Action

Data a.k.a information is everywhere, and we all have tons of it, personally and professionally. The knowledge we obtain from it requires analysis, so we can turn it into power, the power to take action. Wonder Woman has this power! Okay, it’s just one of her powers. (Movie spoiler in the clip and next paragraph.)

Some of my favorite scenes in the Wonder Woman movie are where she crashes into a room of “bad guys.” She immediately gathers information a.k.a. data about her surroundings. This gives her knowledge to analyze resulting in the power to take the best actions. Without that process, she would not have defeated everyone in the room. (Spoiler over.)

Did you read the previous paragraph? If you haven’t seen the movie, did you think about not reading it? I offered information a.k.a. data that would inevitably give you the power to take action.

Information a.k.a. Data

I think I’ve made my point. Instead of resisting, everyone should embrace learning about, discussing, analyzing, gathering, harnessing, and using data a.k.a. information in every aspect of life, including business. It’s not all about spreadsheet and graphs, although much of it is presented that way. It’s about learning from and leveraging information a.k.a data to make good things happen:

• Growth is a result of data-driven decisions.
• Hiring the right employee or consultant is a result of analyzing all the information a.k.a. data about the people you’re interviewing and the role you’re trying to fill.
• Creating great marketing content happens when you gather data a.k.a. information about your personas.

What information a.k.a. data does your business need to make decisions that lead to growth? Look at the data a.k.a. information you have, analyze it to gain the knowledge of what’s there and what’s not, then take action to gather more information a.k.a. data or make changes that move your business to the next level.

Data is more than a four-letter word.

Data is Power!


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